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SummerSlamThe SummerSlam Kickoff Show with a shot of the inside of the STAPLES Center in Los Angeles, California. Josh Mathews welcomes us to the Kickoff Show, and introduces the Superstar Panel for tonight, which consists of Booker T, Shawn Michaels, and Vickie Guerrero. Michael says he is looking forward to the show and the biggest thing is Daniel Bryan vs. John Cena. Booker says he is looking forward to Bray Wyatt vs. Kane, and Vickie says she is looking forward to Alberto Del Rio vs. Christian. Michaels says Wyatt is in an uphill battle tonight in the Ring of Fire Match. We take a look back to Raw, where Rob Van Dam became the number one contender to the WWE United States Championship and The Big Show returned to assist Van Dam and Mark Henry against The Shield. Booker says Van Dam is going to have to step up tonight and Michael says everybody is impressed with The Shield and this will prove if they are the real deal.

We go backstage to the Social Media Lounge and join Renee Young. She wants to know the predictions of the WWE Universe on Twitter and the WWE Universe’s favorite SummerSlam moments on Tout.

We take a look at the video hype package for the on-going feud between Brock Lesnar and CM Punk. We are joined by Paul Heyman, who is backstage. Mathews goes to ask Heyman a question, but Heyman tells him to stop. Heyman says David vs. Goliath is a story we tell our children to give them hope that there are still heroes left in the world. Heyman says Brock Lesnar will take CM Punk’s best shot, but then will lay waste to Punk and make it to where we will never see Punk again. Heyman says he would like to make sure that Lesnar and Punk do battle under the rules of no disqualification. Heyman says Punk will be pushed into martyrdom by Lesnar. Booker says Lesnar is right at home in a no disqualification situation now, but Punk will not lay down. Michaels says he was concerned for Punk before this match, but the no disqualification stipulation will serve him well.

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300_1787661    Last Saturday at "All Star Extravaganza V" the First Round World Title Tournament match between Michael Bennett and BJ Whitmer ended without a true official decision after Whitmer suffered a serious injury due to an apron pile driver. Whitmer, who had lost feeling in the right side of his body, was unable to continue and was rushed to a local hospital. Now after thinking everything through, and hearing arguments from all sides, Match Maker Nigel McGuinness has decided that since Bennett was the last man standing, he will indeed advance to the Quarter-Finals of the ROH World Championship Tournament to face Tommaso Ciampa on August 17th in NYC.

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Credit: pwponderings.com

ROH All Star Extravaganza V
Aug 3, 2013
Toronto, CAN
Estimated attendance: 2000+

Kushida def Adam Page with a corkscrew moonsault

Ring of Honor World Title Tournament- First Round Match
Tommaso Ciampa def Silas Young via Project Ciampa

Ring of Honor World Title Tournament- First Round Match
Michael Bennett vs. BJ Whitmer was thrown out after Bennett pildrove Whitmer on the apron and BJ needed immediate attention. It appeared that Bennett did not protect Whitmer during the piledriver. ROH stated that Whitmer was at the hospital and had movement and feeling in his legs and arms.

Ring of Honor World Title Tournament- First Round Match
Roderick Strong def World TV Champion Matt Taven with a sick kick then straight into the suplex backbacker

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rohwhitmerB.J. Whitmer appeared to suffer a serious injury during a match against Michael Bennett at the Ring of Honor event in Toronto. Dot Net reader Justin Tetreault reports: "BJ Whitmer just got taken out on a stretcher after taking a piledriver on the edge of the ring. They abruptly stopped the match and he got medical attention for a good 15 minutes.


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